A significant blip

In the beginning.

God lived in perfection before the beginning of Creation. God will continue to live in perfection after the world and universe, as we currently know it, has ended.

And everything in between the Beginning and the End is a blip. Not an accidental blip; a very purposeful and significant blip. But a blip in terms of the relative time the course of human history takes to happen, in comparison with the incomparable and unending length of eternity.

As I read those three words at the start of Genesis, In the beginning, I have in my mind a sense of the anticipation, the foreknowledge, the excitement of God. In that “in the beginning” moment, he knows every little detail of what is about to unfold. He knows it all. Whether he planned every single little detail or not isn’t something I’m discussing here. But it cannot be argued that any of what happens in human history took, takes, or will take God by surprise. He sees and knows it all.

And everything that happens, and everything that doesn’t happen, God allows. Happy times. Sad times. Things we don’t understand. Things that make us angry. Things that cause us to hate God, things that cause us to prefer to believe with all our heart that God is a made-up story for the comfort of people many years ago. Religion in this age has become so corrupt in so many cases.

In the beginning. God saw what a mess his humanity would make of Creation. Of themselves. Of others. God knew what he would do about it. He allowed sin to happen because he knew the fix. He knew that he would send the Word to his created time and that the Word would become flesh, just like the first humans. The eternal Word would do something that created humanity could not do: take on the past, present and future sin of the entire human race, so that he became sin itself. The rescue plan for humanity, whereby, for some inexplicable reason, God initiates an exchange. We give our sin to Jesus. Jesus gives us his righteousness. Jesus became sin. We become the righteousness of Christ.

Except this isn’t for an inexplicable reason. This is because of the love of God for us. He loves me like nobody else could ever love me. He is the Father of the universe and the heavenlies; and through Jesus, he is my Father. My perfect Father. He has brought me into his family in a perfect act of heavenly adoption and now I belong to him.

In the beginning. God knew the rescue plan he would undertake. God knows all who will give their sin, give their lives to Jesus, and consequently become the righteousness of Christ. He knows the purposes he has for my life – and before he created time and space, he knew. I may be living in a blip in time, but it is a blip of incredible significance that will echo into eternity.

And when the blip has ended, God, and the entire population of the new heaven and the new earth, will look back at what happened and see that God worked out everything for good; and for his glory. It will all become clear. Even the horrendous times of massacre and death and genocide and war; looking back, all will become clear. We may not understand this at the moment, but nothing of any sinful nature can be justified – nothing on a personal level, and nothing on a national or world-wide level; but everything can and will be worked out by him for his glory.

This blip is being held in God’s hands. He is in control. He sees it and rejoices in the fact that it fits perfectly into his eternity. The best thing, the only thing that makes sense, is to surrender our lives totally to him and allow him to be in control of every little detail of our lives.

The Beginning and the End and everything outside of that

Today I started reading the first book in the Bible, Genesis. I barely made it to the end of the first chapter. I kept wanting to stop at certain words and phrases.

For example, the first three words: In the beginning. There was a beginning.

God existed before The Beginning.

God has an eternal view of his creation. He views The Beginning in the same breadth of sight as he views The End, and all events in between.

There will be an end, just as there was a beginning. And eternity will continue to be, just as it has always been. It won’t look like it did before The Beginning. But it will continue to be.

Personally, this brings a lot of comfort. Life is but a vapour. Eternity continues. For me, I know where I am going to live throughout eternity.

O death; where is your sting?!

Commit, Dave!

So I since started a new site, over at the dreaded tumblr, by the name of dmsrev.com. The idea was for quick, easy and attractive posting, which tumblr provides. But then tumblr has my content.

So here we are, back with WordPress. It was inevitable. And with the delightful evad.uk.

The idea is less words by far, and an abundance of photographs.

Here we are then, sticking with the evad.uk on WordPress. Happy days.