The Beginning and the End and everything outside of that

Today I started reading the first book in the Bible, Genesis. I barely made it to the end of the first chapter. I kept wanting to stop at certain words and phrases.

For example, the first three words: In the beginning. There was a beginning.

God existed before The Beginning.

God has an eternal view of his creation. He views The Beginning in the same breadth of sight as he views The End, and all events in between.

There will be an end, just as there was a beginning. And eternity will continue to be, just as it has always been. It won’t look like it did before The Beginning. But it will continue to be.

Personally, this brings a lot of comfort. Life is but a vapour. Eternity continues. For me, I know where I am going to live throughout eternity.

O death; where is your sting?!

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